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The Green Beret of Boy Scout Troop #347

The green berets worn by members of Troop #347 have been a signifying presence of members and official headwear of the Troop since the late 1970s. At the time Ron Hafner, former Scoutmaster, embarked on a search for a unique but appropriate cap to compliment the Scouts' uniforms. Another local troop had already adopted the official BSA red beret so when former Assistant Scoutmaster Dave Palka recommended a green felt beret with green pom made for Rendevous re-enactments they knew they had something special. Swiftly the beret was reviewed and approved by the Troop Leadership Committee as well as the Troop Committee. Acknowledging a need for insignia a guinea feather, wrapped in a green felt band and red sewing floss, was attached to the pom of the beret for Scouts achieving the 1st Class rank. An Eagle feather (synthetic), wrapped in a red, white and blue ribbon, was also given to Scouts achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.

The berets continued to be a purchased item until they became unavailable. Former Scoutmaster Bob Vollmar created a pattern and started the tradition of hand-making the berets from scratch. This tradition has carried on to today with the Scoutmaster typically making berets by hand for each new Scout who joins the troop.


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